Connect In Private Corp. provides network services and software that ensure security and privacy for sensitive, high availability IT environments.

We were formed in the Republic of Panama in 2007 initially as a provider of privacy services. In 2011 we were working for an international telecom company to develop an ultra secure mobile app to manage email, private browsing, cloud based calendar and contacts and automatic encryption on Blackberry devices. We encountered a challenge using S/MIME certificates because Blackberry was shortening them and thus rendering our app insecure. In response to this challenge we hand-picked a small development team of alumni from the University of Ottawa in Canada and the result was the invention of what we call Certificate-Less Authenticated Encryption (CLAE).

CLAE is a new and improved form of Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) for which a patent application was filed in February 2012.

In late April 2013, we were advised by our patent lawyers of a positive response to our application, from the international patent examiner. The examiner noted in his report that all 17 claims are "novel, are inventive and have industrial applicability". Given this response, we are now clear to apply for patents on a country by country basis worldwide.