Connexa.io was founded in 2016 in Switzerland, and now has a truly global reach, with leadership and team members based in Switzerland, the United States, Canada, Italy, Czech Republic and Venezuela. We are a B2B community management platform, serving community builders along their efforts to mobilize their communities, measure their value and monetize them. Based on our unique “Freemium” model, we offer tons of tools like social media, event management, group spaces, job markets, project management and more, at no upfront cost. The core components include a customized URL, mobile app, unlimited users, advanced admin features and access to Connexa Academy. We offer add-ons for some additional features, so our clients, our community builders have flexibility to customize for their community’s needs. We believe our tool connectivity and transactions-friendly model, as well as our built-in monetization tools are a game-changer to drive sustainability in a digital ecosystem where there is so much competition. Outside of the Freemium model, we are able to offer a deeper partnership through our Enterprise model, which provides deeper customizations and consultancy services.

Connexa.io is a platform that unleashes the power of online communities. It is critical to have an identity and a manageable space in today’s cluttered digital ecosystem. We know the struggles community builders face trying to collaborate and engage with, and lead community members. They often times don’t know where to start between all the programs, initiatives, partnerships and events they have to run. They also miss opportunities to gain deeper analytics when using disparate tools, and may struggle with measuring the true value of the connections they foster. We've built in a number of functionalities to mobilize these online communities, enabling community builders to measure the value of their communities and monetize to fund their growth initiatives. Connexa is designed with customer success at its core, so there are constant feedback loops to provide more functionalities and add-on services for community builders to benefit from and for community members to have better user experiences as a result.