The youngest Internet Marketer on the planet offers you a great opportunity to get started making money online. ConnorGallagher.net is a company set up in Spring 2009 that is dedicated to helping you succeed with your online endeavours.

About Connor

Connor Gallagher is a 16 year-old author, copywriter, product developer, personal coach, web consultant and internet marketer. Connor Gallagher was born in Blackpool, UK and first got started in the fantastic world of internet marketing at the age of just 15. Using his self-taught knowledge of computers, he started his own Web and Graphic Design company in 2008 but soon saw the light when a fantastic Internet Marketing opportunity came along just a few months later.

Being an action-taker and calculated risk-taker, Connor and his father seized the opportunity to learn all about Internet Marketing and credits his success to renowned marketers such as Mike Filsaime, Frank Kern, Eben Pagan and Jonathan Street. Over the space of about a year, Connor has gone from Internet Marketing newbie to repected marketer and believes that continued learning and sustained evolution are key to success.

During 2009 and through 2010 Connor Gallagher aims to take the Internet Marketing world by storm and become one of the leaders in the industry. Connor is currently coaching a handful of like-minded, ambitious students to become full-time marketers and set up their own highly successful online businesses. Connor also wants to become a popular public speaker on the subject of Internet Marketing and wants to use the fact that his age has never held him back as a testimonial to inspire others. The message behind this incredible business is that absolutely anyone can do this… regardless of age, technical experience or marketing know-how.

Connor Gallagher has extremely high aspirations and a positive attitude. In the months and years to come, Connor will be expanding his online business and reaching out to more people worldwide via seminars, webinars and exponential online marketing.

Specifically within the next 18-24 months he wants to reach $10 Million in sales and in the years to come envisions growing a $100 Million company. With it, bringing many along with him as he helps to transform ordinary people into marketing masterminds and get them started on the road to success.

In addition to being a business-minded individual, Connor is also very Spiritually aware and combines marketing knowledge with this to motivate both himself and others. Connor credits his online success to the loving support of his family and in particular his father, Peter.

Become a part of the most recent Internet Marketing revolution and let 16 year-old Connor Gallagher coach you to personal and financial success