“consciousfork,” is a farm-to-table juice and vegan restaurant in Warwick, New York. Locally sourced, clean fruits and vegetables make up the carefully crafted menu of our establishment, where you can dine and/or shop in our farmers market.

Sustainablity is one of our core pillars. consciousfork is based on the premise of "forks in the road," decisions we face daily that can impact our health and the environment. Our philosophy is for everything to have more than one purpose, be repurposed, reused or recycled.

It was a lot of work to start this business, and we used local contractors and artists to complete nearly every step of the process. We were lucky to salvage a lot of materials and/or equipment we needed, locally.

We source the cleanest sustainable ingredients we can find. In season, we work with several local growers. We also grow our own food and compost our juice pulp back into our garden's soil.

We believe in trasparency, which is why our food is prepared daily in our open kitchen and we make our ingredients available for purchase in our shop or via our CSE grocery buying club.

Our take out containers are made from plant-based fibers - and fully compostable.  Our goal is to nurture local talent to help us on our mission.