Conscious Relating India is a relationship coaching service comprising of a Western couple with Indian names.

Having offered their professional skills in relationship coaching in Israel, Canada and Australia, Siddhartha and Samadhi feel privileged to be able to now offer these skills in India.

Conscious Relating India offers coaching and consulting to singles and couples, as well as presentations, seminars and trainings to the corporate sector. We find that the same dynamics that plague personal relationships also effect the office environment, although in different ways.

Our approach is to work on the individual's sense of self-worth and inner happiness, as all relating stress stems from personal stress. When we work with groups, we use the group dynamic to reveal and make clear any underlying tensions in a creative format that allows us to work with them constructively.

By bringing into consciousness various communication styles, skills and strategies  we are able to heighten awareness around what works and what doesn't. Our group work is creative, fun and interactive, with all participants learning through doing.