The Constitution Party of North Texas (CPTexas.com) holds their candidates accountable to the values enumerated in the Constitution as well as their stated principles and beliefs. Every candidate of The Constitution Party is required to sign a legally binding document which stipulates that if they betray the core beliefs and values upon which we stand and upon which they campaign, they will be expelled from the Party and will be required to refund to the Constitution Party any and all campaign funds provided by the party.

The CPTexas- Dallas, Fort Worth, D.F.W. does not apologize for its beliefs, we will not compromise our principles and we have no desire to be politically correct. We welcome all Americans who share our values and beliefs to join with us to reclaim the spirit which made America the greatest country in the history of the world. We will not falsely whet the appetite of potential supporters with false promises. We will deliver what we promise, and what we promise is to:


The CPTexas wishes to ensure that every individual must have freedom of conscience and actions. The lives of all the human beings must be protected. Individual rights pertaining to properties must not be disturbed by the government. The Constitution Party of Texas is a self contained party with several leaders who represent the party at the national level. These representatives have greater chances to talk about the platform of the party in every part of Texas. The main purpose of the party is to offer candidates to represent the party at the national level and participate in public offices.