Over 40 years of combined construction and insurance industry experience. Apprenticeship with a master carpenter at Long Beach City College.  Obtained a California (B) General Building Contractors' License (1976) and subsequent General Electrical (C-10), Fencing (C-13), Flooring (C-15), Lathing & Plastering (C-35) Roofing (C-39), Tile(Mosaic) (C-54). Past licenses as well as general contractor  in Arizona and Nevada.  Hands on experience in all phases and trades of construction both residential and commercial, including: sitework, concrete, masonry, framing, waterproofing, insulation, roofing, flashing and sheet metal, doors & windows, flooring (all types), lath & plaster, gypsum board (drywall), acoustic treatment, painting, ceramic tile, mechanical, electrical, steel, fencing, furniture fixtures and equipment.  Construction management experience: supervision, project management, and estimating. Remodel and restoration of medical facilities, restaurants, military facilities, high rise interior and exterior, major department store remodeling, industrial retrofitting, retail and commercial tenant improvement and residential projects. Presently specializing in construction consulting, expert witness, and forensics.

Construction Consultant & Investigator    

Perform residential and commercial inspections.  President of  XL Services  a division of AT Vardi, Inc., a private consulting firm specializing in evaluation of construction related product and property damage causation and determination of scope including: construction defect, water intrusion, mold, negligence, subrogation and liability, reconstruction and replacement cost, construction documentation, code and safety requirements, performance and completion responsibility, real estate disclosure requirements, general contractor and subcontractor responsibility, normal and customary industry standards and practices.  Project management including scheduling, budgeting and on-site inspections.  Coordinate architects, engineers, subcontractors, government officials and owners.    

Building Inspector

ICC Certified Building Inspector, and ICC Certified Accessibility Inspector/Plan Examiner: Research and give expert opinions regarding code compliance, safety, and ADA (American with Disability Act) compliance.  California Building Code certified.

Personal Injury Consultant & Investigator    

Investigate, consult and report on a variety of personal injury claims including: Construction site accidents, OSHA violations/compliance. Cases include use of power tools, scaffolding, ladders, skylights, open trenches, glass or other material installation, heavy equipment including cranes and lifts, construction vehicles, and general construction operations.    Slip, trip and falls and ADA (American with Disability Act) violations/compliance, floor safety, lighting issues, industry standard violations, premises liability, care and maintenance, and injury prevention.    Claim experience includes: Shopping centers, parking lots, single and multi-unit residential buildings, schools, hotels, office & medical buildings, roofs, public throughways, restaurants, food and pharmaceutical, industrial buildings, open air theatre, winery,  garage doors, and airport.  We provide on-site testing including: coefficient of friction, light level, and door pressure.


 ICC (International Code Council) Certified Accessibility Inspector/Plan Examiner#1064803-21
ICC (International Code Council) Certified Building Inspector #1064803-B5
ICC (International Code Council) Certified Building Inspector - California Building Codes 1064803-K1  
Licensed California General Building Contractor  - #324138, since 1976 (B, C-10, C-13, C-39, HIC)
(Inactive. See  Active corporate licenses below)
Corporate California General Building Contractor’s License #806851 (B & HIC) (Active)
Licensed California Electrical Contractor - #806851, C-10 Classification (Active)
Licensed California Fencing Contractor - #806851, C-13 Classification (Active)
Licensed California Flooring Contractor - #806851, C-15 Classification (Active)
Licensed California Lathing & Plastering Contractor - #806851, C-35 Classification (Active)
Licensed California Roofing Contractor - #806851, C-39 Classification (Active)
Licensed California Tile (Mosaic and Stone) Contractor - #806851, C-54 Classification (Active)
Licensed California Independent Insurance Adjuster #2C21206 (Active)
Licensed Arizona Building Contractor - #133192, B Classification (Inactive)
Licensed Nevada General Building Contractor - #0046477 B Classification (Inactive/not renewed)
Licensed Nevada Roofing and Siding Contractor -# 0046476 C15 Classification (Inactive/not renewed)
U.S. Department of Labor - OSHA certified GPO 865-164
Fellow,  American Board of Forensic Examiners  - Board Certified Forensic Examiner - No. 2649