Leading Resources, Inc. is organized around five practice areas - strategy, leadership development, governance, performance, and process improvement. Our consultants have a sophisticated understanding of how to orchestrate change in each of these dimensions.

A typical engagement focuses first on getting a clear understanding of the current situation and the best opportunities to improve organizational performance. We then facilitate meaningful conversations and decision making, resulting in real, meaningful change.

Serving corporations, public agencies, and non-profits, LRI facilitates change in the following ways:

1. Strategy: giving voice to vision, shaping priorities, and defining performance measures;

2. Leadership development: increasing leadership skills through individual and team coaching and training;

3. Governance: facilitating the adoption of best governance practices and developing boards of directors;

4. Performance: enabling people to utilize information to improve performance;

5. Process: facilitating the improvement of key business processes.

What distinguishes us from other consultancies is that we don't simply assess and recommend. We actually guide our clients through processes that result in real, meaningful change and improved success. We offer powerful tools, workshops, facilitation, and senior consulting to accelerate the pace of change.

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