Consultoria’s passion is to find optimal ways to use technology to make businesses work better. We turn your desires into accomplishments.

Consultoria has been providing professional IT consulting services and solutions both in Pakistan and international markets. We help organizations generate competitive value by leveraging the power of technology.

Through creation of new solutions and support of existing implementations, we work with our clients to identify and realize opportunities to increase their return on investment, improve productivity, and enhance their relationships with customers, employees and partners.

We offers depth of expertise in multiple industries and our services span a breadth of technologies. We combine consulting skills with high quality technical expertise to help clients achieve the best possible IT solutions for their ever growing business challenges.

You want to expand into new markets faster. You need to create innovative products and services ahead of your competitors. You have to drive more profitable relationships with customers and partners.

Your ICT infrastructure needs to accelerate these ambitions, not stand in the way of your ongoing success.

But while technology changes quickly, addressing business needs with point solutions − independent of a broader architecture and future strategy − can slow you down. It can also prevent you from realizing the efficiency gains and cost benefits you’re looking for.

Consultoria combines its professional and managed services with technologies from leading vendors to provide you with the best solution to your needs, based on what you need.

We can assist you in designing strategy, architecture and technology roadmaps that enable that architecture and vision.

We’ll also deploy and integrate technologies into your broader infrastructure, and gear that infrastructure fo​​​r ongoing performance whether it be on premise or in the cloud.