Digital media is part of every modern business and increasingly it will be critical to the success of an organisation.

Content creators, agencies, digital signage networks and broadcasters all need to move media around. You could use the Internet to move your data, but you then compete with all other traffic and in a mission critical, time sensitive environment, that isn't good enough. There is an alternative: a private network from Content Networks.

We have our own fully resilient Core Network, which means that we can set up private networks anywhere, to any number of places. We can tailor bandwidth to your exact application, and when we set things up, we make sure they work.

We have specific solutions for Digital Signage networks, Graphics agencies and anyone using large amounts of digital media. We have one of the most advanced media servers available that can deliver rich media content, advanced scheduling, designer programs, multi-element displays and remote management.  We can provide this as Software as a Service (SaaS) so that you don't have to worry about having an IT infrastructure, security, or backing up. All of our solutions are fully resilient and feature complete redundancy.

We are building a global, private alternative to the internet for digital content users and providers. Our end to end solutions have been designed to take the strain out of digital signage and content delivery.  Let us know when you want to hop on.

Content Networks was formed by a group of digital media, technology and network services professionals. The core propositions have been developed to cater for the continually evolving digital media industry. The solutions are aimed at industries like digital signage, where the distribution of content, often to remote locations, has in the past been seen as the ‘problem child’ of the whole solution.

Utilising the Content Networks Cisco based MPLS core network and advanced routing technologies, the company has brought to the market a group of propositions, each providing a secure, private transport mechanism to deliver digital media to sites both on a fixed and a wireless basis.

The way the solutions have been designed is to ensure maximum security, whilst providing maximum flexibility for the deployment. The network is able to be quickly rolled out to multiple locations (in many cases, within days) and flexible contracts enable installations to be re-sites at short notice.

Our services don't just stop at the network delivery: we have an end to end solution, from screen installation and structured cabling, through to the deployment of the network, centrally hosted media applications and consultancy.

Content Networks Limited is fortunate to have the likes of David Shapton as a board member. David is an industry heavyweight who has led multi-million pound digital media projects and consulted for the likes of Sony, Microsoft, Quantel and BBC Technology. He has expert knowledge of digital media management, digital signage and broadcast technologies. David is also an experienced writer and communicator and had had over 200 articles published.

Management Team:

David Shapton - A career Digital Signage expert. David has worked with many of the world’s leading Digital Media professionals and companies and was one of the founders of Content Networks. Having dedicated much of the last few years championing the latest innovative technologies, he has found himself in demand within the industry, from producing articles for magazines and forums, to providing consultancy and guidance to new entrants into the market.

Mike van Bunnens - Mike’s background is technology and telecoms. Having spend 7 years at Cable & Wireless in a number of management roles, Mike made the move to the ISP world where he was Head of Partner Services, Marketing and Sales Support at Pipex. Director positions within other companies such as Comms365 and Hyperlink Communications have given Mike the background to deliver a serious end to end Digital Media / Signage solution.

Shaun Nicholls - Shaun is one of a rare breed of technical engineers that also has a solid grounding in commerce and sales. The Blue Sky thinker, it has been Shaun’s vision that has driven forward much of the Content Networks design strategy. Having done his time at the likes of Ericsson, Nortel and Pipex, Shaun’s technical ability is well respected.