Continental Money Transfer Limited has rolled out an online international money transfer service that offers convenient, secure, fast, instant deposits to banks and a cost effective way to send money from our website to friends and families in Kenya.
The service is offering the widest range of payout options including instant cash pickup, bank deposits to any bank and airtime top-up and offers an unprecedented convenience to the Diaspora community who can transfer funds from the privacy of their own home or office 24/7 at very competitive prices. Senders can fund their money transfer with their bank account.
In addition to that, Continental Money Transfer services has partnered with Ukash. Ukash is a leading online cash payment provider enabling you to use cash as vouchers to shop, pay and play online safely and securely. Ukash codes are purchased with cash in retail outlets such as shops and can be used to send money using Continental Money.
Continental Money Transfer is transforming the way money transfer is conducted. Traditionally, the Diaspora community used to send money home through agent locations which meant withdrawing cash from a bank, taking time off to visit an agent and queuing up to hand over cash. This was followed by hefty fees. Continental Money Transfer has simplified this. One can transfer funds from the comfort of their own home or office 24/7 for much lower fees.
We are constantly working to expand our money transfer services around the world and our advice to our customers is for them to keep checking our website to see our growing list of countries.
Continental Money Transfer uses a transparent system with clearly displayed and guaranteed exchange rates giving the sender the freedom to decide how much to send and the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly how much will be received.
The service will include a 24x7 live support, chat, phone &email with a guaranteed money recipient period of minutes.

Benefits of using Continental Money Transfer.
Continental Money guarantees low fees that challenge the costly commissions of the big players that dominate this corridor. Our great rates and low fees mean your families and friends will get more when they use Continental Money Transfer. The Sender will easily know how much they will receive even before sending it.
We are a value driven firm and we wish to extend the same value to our customers. This will be achieved through guaranteeing the highest exchange rate, competitive fees and ensuring high levels of security and privacy.