Montreal, Canada: Control Alt Deceit, a game of lies, betrayal and questionable business strategies launches today on Kickstarter. The '80s-themed tabletop game takes players through the highs and lows of starting a tech business, growing it and making it public in just under 40 minutes per game.

Players attempt to take their tiny business out of the garage into the world while competitors try to sabotage their progress, bankrupt their startup and build better businesses faster.

Of the Kickstarter campaign launch, Control Alt Deceit creator Etienne Garbugli said:
"The '80s were home to epic business battles - Apple vs. Microsoft/IBM, Nintendo vs. Sega, VHS vs. Beta - that helped shape the tech sector of today. It was pre-Internet and ruthless - entrepreneurs played by a different set of rules. It was the Golden Age of Tech; anything was possible."

The game features:

• A wide array of dirty tricks like corporate espionage, negative press campaigns, hostile takeovers and lawsuits just to slow down the competitors.
• Players can dive deep into the excess of the era acquiring waterslides, caviar bars or helicopters for the office.
• Upon launch, the game will quickly expand into the Internet Bubble era and today's leading startup markets.

About Etienne Garbugli: Etienne Garbugli is a serial entrepreneur and the author of Lean B2B: Build Products Businesses Want. The Lean B2B methodology helps thousands of entrepreneurs around the world create sustainable innovation.