CONTROL CASA is a system designed for Your home automation
CONTROL MANAGER is a system designed for companies building automation.

More confort with technology, Your house is controlled from your smartphone and tablet.

Advanced alarm: the system automatically checks all exit doors and windows closures during the working shifts – no more gates and doors will be left unsecurely open. All checks and controls can be remotely done on mobile devices, from anywhere in the world. Alarm is activated by the system, as it is included in the package.

Enhanced safety: Control Casa shuts power and gas supplies automatically through a variety of sophisticated sensors that prevent water leaks, gas and smoke. Any alert message is immediately displayed on each employees PC desktop (or their mobile devices if they are away from the premise).

Cost saving: the system checks and turns each unnecessary light off. It also let check and control lights remotely on smartphone and tablets, when employees are away from the premise. All sockets can be disabled by the system during the night, in order to avoid stand by consumption from each equipment and to extend each equipment working life.