Have you noticed, that numerous models of drone controllers do not fully utilize the abilities of the human hand?

In order to change it, our team designed Knuckles-5 as an alternative to a classic two-handed remote controller. Its purpose is to overcome the disadvantages of a two-handed controller and to offer more possibilities and freedom to its users, including people with limited abilities.

With the help of integrated sensors, you will be able to control your drone or play computer games by simply inclining the controller.
One of the benefits of Knuckles-5 is that the controller function is very customisable. For example, program settings can be used to assign different functions to buttons and analog axes. You can assign function of buttons to axes or the fixed values of certain axes to buttons.
With the ergonomic design of Knuckles-5, the amount of control movements needed is decreased, while reaction speed is improved.

Who might be interested in Knuckles-5?
• People with limited physical characteristics, who will be able to play their favorite PC games or control drones using only one hand
• UAV pilots who want full control of their drones
• Drone-racers for faster piloting

We started a campaign on Indiegogo, please, support us: https://igg.me/at/e2xa0x02zvI/x/22255056#/

For more information please visit: https://knuckles5.com/