Convenient Care Therapy Services is owned and operated in Romeoville, Illinois.  We provide physical therapy and post op rehabilitation services that are typically performed in the clinic setting and bring these services to our clients in the convenience of their own homes in nearby communities. This is a safe and convenient alternative to making regular trips to the clinic and can aid in recovery while decreasing potential stress involved in the overall rehab process. Our mobile physical therapy provides an added layer of comfort if the patient needs rehabilitation after an injury or surgery.

We specialize in the following...
Orthopaedic Therapy and Post Op Rehabilitation
Sports Specific Rehab
Ergonomic and Postural Assessments
Fall Prevention Programs for Seniors
Injury Prevention for Athletes
Fitness and Lifestyle Management Programs, and more.

THE MISSION:  To provide a skilled, compassionate therapeutic experience to each and every patient in the familiarity of their own home.  

Convenient Care Therapy Services is owned and managed by a physical therapist with over 10 years of experience in many different settings including outpatient orthopaedics, home health services, skilled nursing to name a few.  

In-home physical therapy from Convenient Care Therapy Services offers convenient, effective, and private services that can facilitate recovery. Contact us to learn more about the services provided by this physical therapist in Romeoville, Illinois

Manual Therapy: Includes joint mobilization, passive range of motion, and stretching
Therapeutic Exercise Programs: address specific deficiencies by getting a custom designed home program to increase range of motion, improve muscle flexibility, and increase strength                                                                
Soft Tissue Mobilization: Includes soft tissue, friction, and trigger point massage to relieve muscle tightness, muscle guarding, and scar tissue buildup Cervical Traction/Lumbar Traction: Addresses back or neck pain and stiffness and helps improve posture and alignment
Electrical Stimulation: Relieves pain and inflammation, increases muscle strength, and decreases swelling
Ultrasound: Increases stretching ability, decreases pain due to inflammation, and aids tissue healing

We accept all major insurance, including Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna and more. Most sessions are typically 60 minutes and we provide all the necessary equipment.  Out of pocket payments accepted for uninsured clients.