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Conveyor belt mistracking can be a costly occurrence. If you are involved in the mining industry including products such as cement, coal, gold, silver, or aggregate processing, then conveyor belt training is a major key to reducing cost. A belt that is mistracking can cause spillage, frame damage, or more often damage the belt, reducing capacity and reliability. Maintaining conveyor tracking and reliability improves safety and your bottom line.
Over the years many conveyor product manufacturers have developed products for training or containing mistracking conveyors. These devices usually rely on the mistracking conveyor belt edge to steer pivoting idlers and attempt to bring the belt back into proper alignment. These training idlers often have sensing/steering idlers placed several inches away from the belt edge. This sensing idler to belt edge distance means the belt has to mistrack several inches before any actual correction takes place.
Other designs work from a center pivot tilting the return idler to bring the belt back to center. While both types have some effectiveness they allow the belt to mistrack a substantial distance before correction. Conditions such as a wet belt also hamper the effectiveness of these designs. Allowing the belt to wander until the sensing idler or tilting trainer corrects.
This can result in the belt tracking out from under the rubber skirting seal at the load zone and causing a significant material spill. This fugitive material can be costly in the mining industry including cement, gold, silver, coal and aggregate processing, since workers must put in additional hours for clean-up. Other repercussions of mistracking belts are conveyor frame abrasion or cutting of the structural components of the conveyors including return idler brackets and gravity take-up frame structure.
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