COOLHANDVETS & SUPPORT OUR COOLHAND VETS are organizations dedicated towards ending VETERAN DEMONIZATION & JUDICIAL PREJUDICES  by Informing and Connecting VETERANS with current INCARCERATED VETERANS with support by and not limited to; donating money on Booking numbers for struggling VETERANS, visiting a INCARCERATED VETERAN, and lastly one of our Biggest goals, having VETERANS fill up the seating at COURTROOM APPOINTMENTS for INCARCERATED VETERANS. Once there you will be monitoring the behavior of all the appointed SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE in the court of LAW so that our SERVICEMEN and WOMAN don’t get thrown under the Bus in the JUDICAL arena. Modeled behind the FAMOUS movie COOLHANDLUKE played by Paul Newman as Lukas Jackson (combat veteran). We asked our selves; how would COOLHANDLUKE be treated today? The answer is very poorly considering that he would be extremely medicated and thrown in a racially divided driven confines with no sunlight for as long as 120 hrs or sometimes none at all, undoubtedly exacerbating MENTAL ILLNESS conditions. Add the stresses of over priced Phone charges and Commissary fees that embody the definition of gouging (overcharge; or swindle). With PHARMACEUTICALS playing a key role in Veteran Recovery for TBI & PTSD (Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), most if not all medications for “brain imbalance” cause a laundry list of side effects like “thoughts of suicide”. When masking elements of these medications fail (no one stopped to ask why were they prescribing some of these meds in the first place) the next step is to blame the VETERAN solely, followed by incarceration and loss of inalienable rights i.e. the 2nd amendment.