We have 16 years experience in the construction sector, including the construction of the NDTC / IDCT, fireplaces and other structures of civil society.

As company founder, Mr. Manoj Ray, graduated from NIT, civil engineering. Department, Jamshedpur in 1995. Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd., Kolkata and L & T Power Limited, Vadodara, he had worked in multinational companies such as thermal Hammon, Europe. Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd., Kolkata & L&T Power Limited, Vadodara..

Vision for infrastructure beginning Netra Tech Pvt. Ltd.:

For small and medium businesses, the construction limit the execution of the construction of cooling towers can facilitate or as a subcontractor on rates PRW on the supplier of the main cooling tower.

To provide a complete solution in the context of techno-commercial testing of construction sites.

To improve productivity / output workers a continuous improvement of working methods to improve with the adoption of the latest technology and equipment.

To provide operation and maintenance / annual maintenance for the process industry.

To complete construction solutions for all critical structures such as cooling towers (NDCT / IDCT), RCC chimney, CHP (coal plants), water tanks, etc. are available