My name is Kari Peterson.  My ex-husband and I went through a divorce eight years ago.  Together, we have two boys, who were eight and two years old at the time of the divorce.  During our separation, I remember searching the Internet and bookstores for guidance on how to successfully co-parent.  Co-parenting refers to an arrangement in a divorce or separation where parents share legal and physical custody.  I found generic guidelines; however, I did not find the information I was looking for.  Instead, I learned the hard way, discovering the successes and difficulties on my own and through advice from others. Consequently, it was the lack of information that inspired me to provide others with a realistic picture of life after divorce and what it takes to successfully co-parent.

I formed KLP Publications, LLC in 2012 to help support parents going through a separation or divorce put their issues aside and focus on what is best for their children.  I wrote Co-Parent Successfully:  A Guide to Raising Children in Two Different Houses based on my experience as a co-parent.  This “how to guide”, along with the tools and resources on www.coparentsuccessfully.com, teaches and inspires separated or divorced parents to communicate, provide consistency, and work together to give their children continued stability and a close relationship with both parents.