The Business Problem

Most of us have bulky wallets. On average, each of us has two credit and debit cards, a driver's license, a handful of loyalty or rewards cards. We also have a little cash and several receipts. Whether we stow our bulky wallets in our back pockets or our purses, we dream of being able to grab our phone and keys and have everything we need for the day. Future Group is offering a solution that gets its users a step closer to achieving this aspiration by consolidating all the cards onto their phones.

Future Group is one of India’s largest retail pioneers of multiple chains that brings together diverse and passionate communities of Indian businesses, buyers and sellers. With a large number of retail chains and an extensive user base, Future Group thought of providing an easy to use absolutely safe and secure digital wallet for shopping across Future Group outlets.

The Engagement

At Copper Mobile, a well organized team empowered with expansive experience and advanced infrastructure developed the FuturePay iOS application. The developers worked tirelessly on the product keeping in mind the fragility of mobile digital wallets. When using a smartphone for wireless payment transactions, one is dealing with several kinds of technologies that have to work all together in a seamless but secure way, Copper Mobile took time to study the encryptions that they were going to use for security reasons to ensure that user data is 100% secure.

Some highlighting features of the app include Instant OTP that lets the user make transactions even in a no network zone, Geo Location that helps the user look for a store nearby, redirecting them to Google or Apple Maps for direction, track transactions and balances through virtual receipts and lastly, comparison shopping with local or online competitors. An exclusive feature within Future Pay App, Price Match ensures that users always get the best price when shopping with Future Group. Price Match compares the prices with the advertised prices of local or online competitors. If Future Group prices are found higher, they refund the difference to the users Future Pay wallet.

The Result

Copper Mobile worked hand-in-hand with the client’s team to build a digital wallet, FuturePay. It is a closed eWallet app which works only with stores associated and/or under Future Group. Throughout the engagement, both teams supported each other starting from strategy phase to development, launch and support stages.

Copper Mobile ensured that the mobile app was launched effortlessly. Within no time, the app has reached 2 lac downloads and ranked among top 10 searched apps in the Apple App Store.