The company owns and operates a Microsoft Azure based cloud service called Coral Commerce that enables digital businesses to accept payments and manage virtual banks. Our smart checkout service is the core of the “business vitality” focus at Coral Commerce, and digital businesses have access to multiple checkout templates to curate deeper & smoother user journeys for better customer experiences and retention. As the API partner to many ISOs and merchants, Coral Commerce ensures its technology remains compliant, relevant and globally applicable.
Whilst focused on wholesale partners like ISOs and complex merchants, the Coral Commerce service is accessed by digital businesses via an API that services both PCI DSS certified and non-compliant businesses. Through a multitiered management portals, authorized users can access transaction history and data reporting to aid business decisions.
All Coral Commerce clients or wholesale partners have access to the upstream payment sponsors integrated to the service, so that they can manage their own wholesale fee strategies and operate as virtual payment services on their own.  Settlement and reconciliation tools are also part of their management tools. This model allows for a transparent and direct relationship between merchants using the Coral Commerce smart checkouts and the banks who wish to sponsor them.
As a result Coral Commerce clients receive virtual switch instances of their own, fully certified as PCI DSS compliant, and easily accessed by their own merchant clients via secure and smart APIs that connect them to their own banks and payment sponsors, all via one single platform regardless where in the world they are based.
Coral Commerce as a service is certified for PCI DSS compliance, enabled for SCA compliant 3DSEC2+, and multi currency capable for cross border transaction flows.