Corbin’s Legacy was established in memory and honor of Corbin Leafman, a dedicated teacher, colleague, steadfast friend, and devoted family member, who died at the age of 31 from cancer. She was adamant about being remembered, not by her death but by who she was, how she cared and the way she lived.  
Corbin was an extraordinarily compassionate, caring and creative Kindergarten teacher who taught in schools populated by thousands of Arizona's and the counrtry's most disadvantaged students. She made it her mission to never let a child go hungry…not for a meal, a day, or a weekend.  She was known for always walking through the lunch line holding up a $20.00 bill to make sure that the cafeteria lady knew that none of her students were to go without a hot meal. No child would be "lunch shamed" under her watch.

Corbin also made sure that her students had the support that they needed to be successful in school and in life.  She bought uniforms, school supplies and “cool” backpacks, etc. for those students in need.  All anonymously. Corbin recognized the gifts in every one of her students and always inspired them to excel in academics including art and music.

As a colleague Corbin was committed to always raising the professional bar.  She shared and cared locally and globally.  Corbin regularly wrote and was awarded grants that allowed her to support not just her classroom but to also help meet the needs of colleagues as well as the larger needs of her schools. She won more than 50 grants for school equipment, supplies, and books for herself and her many fellow teachers.

She was a student supervisor for Teach for America. She also traveled to New Orleans to help rebuild elementary schools after hurricane Katrina.

As a friend Corbin was supportive, caring, thoughtful and funny.  There was nothing that she wouldn’t do for her friends.  She offered advice when asked, always had gifts at hand and lived with a smile and a laugh.  No fundraiser ever suffered when Corbin was asked for her support.

As a family member she was our beloved red headed sister and daughter who we will miss every second of every day.

And so because we knew her, we (her colleagues, friends’ family, students and supporters) have vowed to honor and remember Corbin by making change for good.