Cordea Consulting is an Information Technology Consulting firm serving the healthcare industry. We specialize in providing solutions and take pride in our level of experience and expertise. Cordea Consulting is a privately held firm founded by three healthcare IT (HCIT) consultants who have worked the challenges and experienced the rewards of implementing healthcare informatics solutions. The founders have served the healthcare IT industry in a variety of roles including consultant, analyst, architect, vendor, trainer, project manager, and personnel placement. Our experience with numerous hospitals, including extended experiences in the United Kingdom, shapes the direction of the company. Cordea Consulting is dedicated to serving clients to help them achieve the most efficient healthcare process for their staff.

Cordea Consulting strives to be a great place to work and as a result we're able to be very selective with the associates we hire. Our team has an outstanding track record with demonstrating software knowledge and developing strong relationships with clients. Our associate compensation is directly related to client satisfaction.

Our team is made up of experts in a wide range of clinical software solutions and is well versed in all aspects of the implementation process. We have members who have worked in IT departments and understand the daily demands of an IT analyst implementing and supporting these solutions. We are proud to say each team member has an average of 7 years of implementation experience and most team members have additional clinical experience. We pride ourselves in our intellectual capital and hold our employees to the highest level of professionalism and expertise. Our pool of consultants provide industry know-how through traditional consulting, a unique support and maintenance program, and tailored education and training sessions for clinical and non-clinical applications and staff.

We have implemented solutions at a variety of hospital structures: community hospitals, multi-facility health systems within one city and multiple structures: community hospitals, multi-facility health systems within one city and multiple cities, rural and metropolitan areas. We are familiar with the special healthcare software needs at children's hospitals, teaching facilities, ambulatory surgery centers, cardiac hospitals, and trauma centers. We understand the typical patient transaction from registration to the outpatient clinic to the lab to radiology to surgery to home or as an inpatient. From both a personal and professional aspect, we have witnessed the challenges and rewards of implementing these applications.

There are several ways we are different than the typical consulting company. One of our philosophies is that if we take good care of our clients and associates then we will be a successful company. After all, if we treat our associates well and do things to keep them happy then they will provide great service to our clients. Instead of putting the primary focus on increasing revenue and decreasing expenses, we focus on having strong relationships with our clients and associates.

Cordea Consulting offers talented consultants to assist hospital organizations with the implementation of their software solutions. We offer reasonable rates for our very experienced and highly professional consultants.

In addition to our traditional consulting service, we also have a separate group that offers assistance with the maintenance and support of these solutions.

Some of our most recent projects include:

-New implementations from conception to process redesign to go-live
-Project staffing from project managers to architects to analysts
-Staff training program from design, development, and delivery
-Code upgrades including application redesign, testing, and education
-Managing hardware selection
-Post go-live troubleshooting and support
-Roll-out to additional facilities
-Go-live support staffing including RNs and technical resources

Cordea Consulting's finest asset is our talented workforce who has the advantage of the Cordea Consulting information library to expand their knowledge base and draw from our wide range of content experts. Our management maintains an "outside" network of potential personnel with a wide variety of healthcare IT contacts which enables Cordea Consulting to provide a multitude of healthcare consulting needs. Our projects are partnerships with our client. Cordea Consulting can provide the best recommendations and solutions based on our experience in the healthcare industry both in the US and abroad.