Core 3 Property Management provides professional third party commercial, residential and hotel property management and development services throughout Central Illinois. Core 3 Property Management is made up of several divisions to ensure we provide full service management including our Maintenance Division (Customer Service), Construction Division, Landscaping Division and Hospitality Division.  Our property owners benefit from our industry experience and financial expertise as we work to maximize the returns on their investments.  Our tenants benefit from our enhanced customer service to ensure an exceptional experience!  

Core 3 Property Management's strength lies in the ability to build, manage, develop and invest in our properties. By taking a "full-spectrum" approach - rather than limiting our focus to just one stage of the process - we're better able to maintain consistently high levels of quality and control every step of the way. Our approach is a long-term, disciplined one that ensures the satisfaction of both our clients and the tenants who live and work in our properties.

At Core 3 Property Management, we've made a long-term commitment to serving those clients and tenants in a way no one else can. With over 40 years of background in real estate and a team of professionals that understand all aspects of the business, the people of Core 3 Property Management are ready and able to make any project an ongoing success - from start to finish and beyond!

Visit www.core3pm.com today or call us at (309) 808-2125 to see how we can help you!