Core Consultants was founded in 2009 by Lara Smith, in Johannesburg, South Africa. Since the company’s inception Core Consultants has provided consultancy services across five continents to an array of clients both within and outside the mining sector.


Core Consultants, is an independent, privately owned consultancy, with no equity stake in any mining or related enterprise, are able to deliver superior objective market research.  As such, within a short space of time, Core Consultants is internationally recognized as a trustworthy, unbiased, authority on the commodities market.
Multi-Commodity Focus

Core Consultants has always been a multi-commodity focused company. Our analysis over the years has included bulk commodities, minor and critical elements and base metals.   Our definitive broad market view enables us to understand the relationships and interplay between various commodity markets and identify the specific drivers that will impact these markets, whilst our specific in-depth analysis enables us to better understand the individual commodity value chains.

Rigorous Analysis

Core Consultants’ expertise in understanding commodity markets, as well as our rigorous and systematic approach to research, has earned the company the respect of many industry professionals. Our approach integrates both desk-top research and primary interviews across the various sectors that we cover. In this way we are able to stay abreast of the latest trends and market opinions and balance those views against our own investigations.

Global Clients

Mining is a global business and  clients seek out Core Consultants’ services from all across the world. Our clients range from investment banks, legal firms, end-users such as technology and engineering companies, trading firms and producers. Servicing clients across the entire commodity supply chain places Core Consultants in the unique position of understanding the various incentives and requirements of each party and the potential impact on the commodity market.

Sample Clients

ArcelorMittal, Hitachi, Montero Mining, Metmar, Outokumpu, Siemens, Tharisa Minerals, Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP