It is a sustainable solution for indoor and outdoor spaces, which can be used over and over again while giving us all the benefits that the nature of its main material - cork - offers us, such as air conditioning and sound insulation.
CORKBRICK is synonymous with versatility, flexibility and comfort. It allows to explore a vast possibility of configurations through a practical use in which an object can easily be transformed into another, more suitable to the real need. The seven "brocks" are mountable and detachable from each other with only our hands. No hammer, nail glues or any other tool is required.
In minutes you can build yourself a wall, a table or a bed ... your imagination is the limit!
For the first time in history an object can have multiple personalities. There is no comparable solution on the market. All this can be built with your own hands.Indicated for everyone, from 8 to 88 years old!