Providing  the tools and resources to empower people to fulfill their purpose and take charge of their lives.Crystal Lauren Cornell knows what it is like to struggle with discovering your God given purpose and creating the vision God has given you. Crystal's passion for business has led her to learn many facets of business. She has been gifted in this area and has always sought out ways to create a business venture.  She always knew that business was her purpose in life but did not understand what business she was called to go into.  For over 20 years Crystal took advantage of almost every business opportunity that came her way.  

Through this journey she learned all she could about developing business and helping other with their business.  She became the go to person for web site design to business consultation. Crystal's gift of networking and connecting with others brought more opportunities her way in other areas of business.  God had been exposing her to new skills for a purpose.   Suddenly, Crystal discovered her calling, her purpose.