CBS Consulting was formed by a group of business professionals who collectively have provided business analytical and consulting services to thousands of clients and have been involved in building some of the fastest growing analytical, management consulting and strategic tax planning companies in business today.

In coming together to form Corporate Business Solutions LLC., these highly experienced and qualified individuals decided that they wanted to build the premier consulting company for the owners of small and medium-size businesses. In forming Corporate Business Solutions, these professionals have committed themselves and CBS to a standard of quality in the delivery of business analytical and consulting services never before seen in this marketplace.

The core group of CBS Business Consulting has been working together for over 11 years and many have been working in the business consulting related fields for over twenty years.

No company has a more experienced staff than Corporate Business Solutions in providing quality analytical, consulting and strategic tax planning services to the owners of small and medium-size businesses. The average number of comprehensive onsite business analyses performed by the core group of CBS senior business analysts is over 700. The minimum allowable number to work with the CBS team is 400 comprehensive onsite analyses.

In addition, every year each of CBS’s senior business analysts provide analytical services to 100 or more businesses to provide each of Corporate Business Solutions' clients a broad range of knowledge which comes from the vast experience offered by each of its senior business analysts.

There is no staff of analysts anywhere in North America who have more experience over the course of a year than the Corporate Business Solutions senior business analysts.

For more information contact : http://www.cbs-cbs.com/