CorproateCentral.com is a new offering from Software Progressions Corporation, who has been developing the platform since 2002. The platform has been in use within quite a few large corporate customers but the server licensing has put it out of the reach of small and medium business and consumers. Now the platform is being made available via software as a service and even includes a no cost ad supported option.

The platform includes WAG™ Web Application Generator, Tracker TRM™, Cloud Portal™ and User Management. The suite has been licensed to enterprises under the Corporate Central™ and Unified Enterprise™ brands since 2002. The suite runs at corporate data centers, multiple cloud providers (Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, IBM Smart Cloud), and is now available via CorporateCentral.com as SaaS.

Corporate Central’s goal is to democratize mobile and web application development. Corporate Central is available to organizations of all sizes and to individuals to create and run full featured mobile and web apps via free ad supported subscriptions or paid ad free subscriptions.