Through enlisting the skills of highly trained professionals from Police, Military and Emergency Response service backgrounds, who are experts in working in varying, challenging and hostile environments, CSI is certain of its natural ability to deliver service excellence to internationally recognised standards.
With offices in the United Arab Emirates, Russia and Lebanon; and with corporate reach-back to our head office in Brisbane, Australia, CSI have ready access to- and the ability to quickly deploy- resources and staff to support any client requirement, anywhere in the world.

As CSI has grown and developed over the years, so its passion and expertise has matured, expanding year-on-year to include a full range of security products and training and development services.
By combining global best practices with an in-depth and keen knowledge of the regions in which we operate, CSI has become proficient in translating its expertise and skills into intelligent solutions that are relevant to our growing client base and that drives their business dynamics.
At CSI, we focus on delivering unique solutions for all our clients’ security and training requirements. All our personnel have at one point been deployed internationally in a range of capacities, and as a direct result of their collective experience, are best able to guarantee the provision of security management services and emergency response training solutions.

Our Vision is simple stated - Innovation in safety, security and survival is foremost at all times whilst constantly pursuing service excellence in the most challenging environments around the world for government, commercial and humanitarian clients alike; always with the high ethical standard of Honesty, Integrity & Sustainability.
     Security risk management
     Fire & Rescue training
     Emergency response planning
     Homeland security
     Risks, systems and auditing
     Paramedical
     Asset protection
     Tactical solutions
     Reconnaissance

Operational Excellence
Operational excellence is not just a plan for our internal business management; it is in everything we do. We serve with quality,  manage with quality and promote growth through quality.
Our motto ‘Specialist Skills though Specialist Knowledge’ is the platform from which CSI manages itself to deliver world class training solutions and tactical deployment measures to guarantee the safety and security of its clients, stakeholders and reputation.

CSI’s IDP (Integrated Defense Plans) program helps to deliver the highest level of safety performance and at the same time always looks to giving the best value and service to our clients – everywhere; every time.
The whole purpose of IDP’s is to achieve business continuity and security process alignment across the entire work scope, identifying opportunities that aid emergency preparedness without causing risk to the following:

     Health & Safety of employees
     Environment & community
     Daily business operations
     Local government relations

Working in proud partnership with the ABMA we are able to deliver standardized certification and trusted training to our clients. Our ability to train and certify as a single service provider means that CSI can deliver ‘real value courses’ which build upon individuals’ career portfolios whilst enhancing a company’s accreditation listing.  
The complete process profits everyone by offering best practice instruction alongside recognized certification and Diploma status accreditation that serves the client company and individual in their ability to display an established international understanding.

CSI is committed to providing a productive, safe and healthy work environment for all its employees, contractors, clients, customers and stakeholders. We actively promote respect for the regions in which we work and the provision of both real and long lasting benefits to those who entrust their security and self-preservation to us.
Our commitment extends to ensuring that the company’s operations are not placed at risk through structural weaknesses, location, equipment deficiencies, poor training or environmental influences. Our aim is to control such risk through Vulnerability and Threat Assessments, Crisis Management Coordination & Integrated Defense Planning.

Services Management
We are passionate about delivering superior quality, service and choice to our clients and customers: our reputation and the loyalty of our clients and customers depend upon it.

CSI promotes efficient and responsible training solutions that ensure a continued security presence long after we have gone. We are about teaching and guiding our clients to becoming competent in self-performing many of their security and emergency response tasks so that they might in turn give something back to the communities in which they operate.