I am an Entrepreneur, Reverend, and  Internet mogal. I have ventures in: Online Marketing, Web Design, Public Relations, Retail & ebay Stores, SEO, Event Planning, Arts & Crafts; Scrap Books and Supplies, and I officiate weddings.

I work with other entrepreneurs, and small business owners on various projects. The include 2 Legit Custom Creations http://2legitcustomcreations.com who specialize in custom craft projects and design, personalized party supplies, silk screening, scrap booking and much much more. Their products are unique and some hand made. They will also work one on one with customers to design products personalized products.

Another business that I am involved with is Jailhouse Weddings http://jailhouseweddings.com who's name says it all! We offer wedding service to couples who find themselves in an awkward position. They're many that find love, and many that find happiness, but few who find both! Thats why we belive that everyone including inmates has the right to love and happiness. This business based out of southern california will one day encompass the state. The Founder of Jailhouse Weddings teamed producers from Discovery Channel to make an episode of Taboo, check your local listing for Taboo Jailhouse weddings.