About The COSHAR Foundation
The COSHAR Foundation Inc. is a 501 c 3 organization that is committed to “impacting the health of the world, one community at a time” through innovative programs that focus on intervention and measurable outcomes. The COSHAR Foundation headquarters is located in Bowie, Maryland (adjacent to Washington, DC) and has offices in Los Angeles, New York and in North Carolina.  The COSHAR Foundation has a well established history of successful initiatives which utilize culturally sensitive vehicles that met the needs of a diverse audience.
One of the major and extensive arms of  The COSHAR Foundation is our National Health Ministry Network (NHMN) which consists of more than 24,550 churches/synagogues/mosques and other religious entities and over 310 community organizations in the United States. The NHMN is not a religious entity but rather a resource for the faith and community organizations. It is important to note that the NHMN has representatives in every state and US territory across the spectrum of faiths/religions and The NHMN members allow the foundation to reach well over 29 million lives in an impactful way in their community.  The foundation is able to introduce and promote national, regional and local initiatives, health events and advocacy issues through its dynamic network.  Further, the foundation has an extensive network of trained volunteers, both health professionals and non health professionals, whom are readily available, committed and trained to interact with member of the faith community.  Visit the foundation at,  www.cosharfoundation.org or contact us via phone at 301 773 4811


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