I decided to persue a rhynoplastic surgery, right after I separated from my husband of 8 years. Not that I was particularly unhappy with my looks, not at all. I always got enough attention. But I wanted to conservatively refine my nose, make it more elegant, without changing of it’s character and my face, something I wanted to do since I was a teenager. This is exactly what I explained to my carefully selected plastic surgeon in Miami, Dr. Jeffrey Epstien. We agreed that his work should be very conservative. This doctor appeared to be very confident in being able to achieve the results I was going after, and had very convincing and caring demeanor.
After a few sessions with Dr. Jeff Epstein we agreed on date of the procedure. I decided to add a bonus of a small filler procedure under eyes, which doctor had no concerns perfoming during my rhynoplasty. This was supposed to be one concervative rhynoplasty and filler procedure several weeks of recovery and new and improved me.
Not quite what I received in return. Dr. Epstien’s “conservative” procedure left me with mutilated nose and ruined breathing function. The nose was put together so badly that the nostrils ended up on completely different levels. Imagine a car hood that was closed a few inches outside of the hood opening. The filler procedure was so bad that I had to stay home a lot longer than the vacation I took for the procedure. I was too humiliated to go to work with horrific swelled up filler under my eyes, with tindell effect (that I still have to this day).
To fix the disaster Dr. Epstien had to perform three (3!) additional revision procedures to fix my breathing function (which actually got worse)! In restrospect I should have never let him touch me again.
The dr. Epstien was not able to fix the filler nightmare, that created protruding bags under my eyes, so my dermatologist perfomed a $1,000 hylourodinase injections to dissolve the filler for free!! He was horrified by the results and took pity on me.
This was the worst experience of my life, it cost me more than $10,000 in fees and result is stretched skin under my eyes that makes me look beyond my year. My nostrils that are completely different size/shape. My nose that is blatenly asymmetric.
My personal lifegot affected, I had go into hide-out everytime Dr. Epstein performed the revision. That ruined my relationships, my confidence, I had to deal with derpression.
I grasp for air every time I kiss, or work out now. I started to snore and the bags under my eyes require permanent maintenance with filler injection to lift my cheeks in attempt to hide all that stretched skin Dr. Epstein created.
His confident and considerate manners do not transfer to his ability to project the result of his butching. He whole expreince felt like he was learning on me to perform advance surgical technics like inserting cartiliges grafts, which turned out to be a nightmare. The truth is Dr. Epstein is utterly incompetent in manipulating any form of cartilage implant.. In fact during one of the revisions he grafted my septic and ear cartridge during in attempt to mask the disastrous outcomes of his initial surgery and sad enough, again placed the cartridges in such a way that they protrude on the inside of my nostrils on one side. In turn it creates crude asymmetric nostril shape on another side thus completely ruining my appearance.                
His office refuses to take resposibiltiy for these outcomes. I will need a very expensive reconstructive surgery to rebuilt my nose functionally and eathtetically.
. If my post can prevent someone the physical and emoutional pain I endured, it will be worth it for me to write this. Stay away from dr. Eptstien’s office! This is your face, it’s not worth the risk. Do your homework, don’t hesitate to pay more for your procedure or travel out of town to get a dr. who has the talent to project the outcome of procedures.
My pain has never stopped and I have suffered in silence as the trauma ate within me every single day. It pains me that Dr. Epstein incompetence ruined not only face, my confidence, my self esteem, my dating life, and my health!
I tell my story to warn anyone of the incompetent doctors that we have, today I have been branded a villain because of Dr. Epstein failed procedure. But I want to say that before you rush into cosmetic surgery, think twice.          
Doctor Jeff Epstein simply messed my life. He ruined the most visible aspect of my being, my face and my pride. I am left with a nose that is dysfunctional, inharmonious mess. His incompetent filler job left me looking tired and older. And painfully, his office refuses to accept responsibility for his mistakes. My advice, stay away!