CostaRica MD Services S.A. was incorporated in December 2008.  Costa Rica MD is a medical tourism facilitator located in Costa Rica with US based partners. Costa Rica MD is a Web Portal www.costaricamd.org in conjunction with an E-Magazine www.costaricamd.net. The content of the site and E-Magazine caters to individuals, principally in the United States of America and the United Kingdom, who seek dental and medical attention at comparable levels of quality with substantial reductions in cost as compared to their home country. The content targets the benefits of Costa Rica as a destination in regards to tours to cater to visitors and families in recuperation as well as existing hotels, recuperation centers, and or spas that will serve as pre and post operative lodging.
Costa Rica MD focuses on companies, doctors, dentists, clinics, spas, and institutions that provide first rate service and medical procedures including cosmetic surgery, bariatric and orthopedic surgery, dental procedures, and general wellness.  In addition to online marketing exposure, Costa Rica MD offers medical professionals a customer service support solution and in-house support staff training to be prepared for international patients.
Costa Rica MD pre-qualifies patients and refers them to doctors or dentists within our network. Costa Rica MD partners work closely with the medical providers to ensure a positive experience from the prospective patients’ first contact with Costa Rica MD to their post operative follow up.
Costa Rica MD’s goal is to become the #1 referral network of medical professionals in Costa Rica and to be #1 in the search engines for medical tourism related keywords searched on the Web by prospective patients worldwide.