Since 1991, Cost Control Associates has helped organizations cut energy, cellular and other telecom costs - in some cases by millions of dollars - through our no-risk programs. We’ve also helped clients better manage these costs through our consulting programs.

Our people are armed with the knowledge and systems to examine costs closely and find savings (and we have for over 90% of our clients). For most of our programs, clients opt to work with us on a shared savings basis under which our fees come from the refunds and savings produced. However, in other cases, clients opt for a project fee, retainer, or hourly basis.

If you do not have the time, knowledge, or resources to know if your energy, cellular, and other telecom suppliers accurately bill you and are giving you the most optimal rates, our Cost Recovery and Reduction™ program is for you. Cost Control Associates' professional staff works with you to help your organization obtain refunds from previously overpaid bills and ensures that on-going bills are properly rated.

Our experienced team of energy and telecom experts analyzes your bills and finds errors - errors that utility companies believe are your responsibility to find, and are likely costing your organization a great deal of money. In addition to finding errors, our team also evaluates savings from rate and service changes. Municipal clients also find great value in our highly specialized Street Lighting Cost Recovery and Reduction™ program.

We are confident that our team will produce significant savings for your organization since over 90% of Cost Control Associates' clients realize refunds and/or savings by using our Cost Recovery and Reduction™ program. Most clients opt for our shared savings fee arrangement under which our fee is tied directly to your savings. If Cost Control Associates does not procure a refund or find savings for your Company, you pay nothing. There is absolutely no risk.

Many clients are so pleased with the results produced by our Cost Recovery and Reduction™ and Source Analysis™ services, they want to be certain that energy and telecom costs continue to be optimized. If you want to be ready to quickly take advantage of new pricing opportunities and be sure errors don't resurface in your supplier bills, our Expense Management Program™ is for you.

For key energy accounts, Cost Control Associates will collect data to provide on-going recommendations for new cost-reduction opportunities and/or cost-saving changes in suppliers. We will also review your key energy accounts for new billing errors. When new errors or cost-savings are identified, we will report these to you immediately and will pursue refunds and savings on your behalf.

For telecom costs, Cost Control Associates will enter vital data about your telecom contracts into our master database so that new pricing opportunities can be evaluated at just the right time. Prior to expiration of each contract, we will advise you in sufficient time to allow for evaluation of new pricing opportunities that may be available to you. Like our Cost Recovery and Reduction™ and Source Analysis™ services, most clients opt for our shared savings fee arrangement under which our fee is tied directly to your savings and if Cost Control Associates does not identify savings, you pay nothing. If desired, these services can also be provided on a fixed fee, retainer, or hourly basis.

For many organizations, particularly large multi-site organizations, getting the data to manage utility costs and paying utility bills within terms to avoid late payment fees are challenges. For these organizations, our Utility Bill Payment and Information Services are the solution.

Our services include:

   * Management of building location and utility account data
   * Processing and preparation of incoming utility bills
   * Data entry of utility bill information including verification of key data
   * Exception item processing
   * Capturing of bill images
   * Issuance of bill payments via check and electronic data interchange (EDI)

Fees are quoted on a specific client basis and typically consist of an initial setup fee based on the number of accounts or meters plus a monthly processing fee based on the number of number of accounts or meters for which invoices are processed.

With our solution, you'll get the experience, stability, and cost-effectiveness of the nation's largest outsourced provider plus you'll get one of the top expert energy services firms. It's the best of both worlds - unquestioned best of best-in-class experience delivered with a single point of contact.