Country information and marketing experiences - Information regarding markets and mentalities for your targeted, strategic and successful marketing and intercultural competence

The world is a village and one should know the inhabitants and their mentalities/habits in order to get on with them and to support each other.

... and - ideally - one has a strategic marketing concept/marketing plan, which I would like to elaborate and imple- ment for/with you

Taking into consideration the permanently growing international interlacing of business (Keywords: Internationa- lization, Globalization, exports, international partnership, new/different clients/markets segments. independence from regional economic cycles, and much more) analyzing the markets, collecting marketing data, development of suitable marketing procedures/sales channels, taking into consideration different mentalities, etc., of paramount importance. The average export portion of an (healthy) company should be at least 35 - 50 % of the turnover, depen- ding on its location.

The following pages give you some important information and links which are needed to elaborate such a successful marketing concept, however, only for those countries in which I personally could collect experiences in the past.

Yes, there is by far more information available in the Internet regarding a lot more countries - and you may find them easily via the links given -, however, I concentretad on the countries which are known to me and thus I collected links which - in my opinion - contain valuable information and can be helpful to you.

During the implementation of all tasks important for you, especially regarding 'marketing/sales and its related organi- sational questions', I am available to assist in these and other countries, from market research to practical imple- mentation in your company and/or abroad - wordlwide and wheresoever - ... please ask for more !