Our Philosophy:

Coup Street is a brand that symbolizes the hunger and hustle that exists in all of us when we chase after our dreams. To us, a pigeon is a perfect example of a species constantly on their grind. But what makes them special, is they don’t live in a forest or the mountains, like other birds. They live on the streets, and buildings are their cliffs. And whether they have a broken wing, or hop around on one leg, they’re out there, competing on a daily basis. On the streets, pigeons have become so common in fact, that most people don’t even acknowledge their presence when standing next to them at a street light. And it is this hustle that goes unrecognized, that we strive to embody in our brand. Whether you’re out on the streets selling ice creams, or mixtapes, as long as you’re trying to elevate, and get to the next level, we respect that. We chose to spell coop, c-o-u-p, as in “coup d’etat” which symbolizes the takeover. The overthrow of a mentality that you’re better than the person next to you because of the job you have, or the car you drive. Respect everyone that strives to get to a better place. Because one day when you least expect it, they have risen to a higher level. So high in fact, that if they choose to, they might just shit on you.

Our Movement:

To overthrow of all this commercial garbage that keeps everyone out of touch with self-expression and true passion. The truth is, the average person doesn’t know what they want, and they’d rather be told what to do. They’d rather follow. They’d rather sit around and wait till someone tells them what’s cool instead of taking the risk of being an innovator. The bar that sets the standards of creativity and real artistic expression has fallen so low, that it’s practically 6 feet deep. The reason for this is because the ones setting the bar are the corporations. They are the commercial entities that have appropriated street culture. And they’ve done it so well, that the youngsters these days think they are listening and living real hip hop. They’ve got their hands in the cookie jar, and feeding you a commercial representation of music and style that lacks substance and expression. But here comes the brand new flavor for your gear. A brand with a purpose. While our roots are intertwined with the elements of hip hop, the most important element, is the one that is often forgotten. Knowledge. While we strive to bring you a fresh, witty and wild style, we also hope to educate you. To put you up on game about social issues and prevent our culture from turning into ‘sheeple.’ A culture is a community of individuals that share a common interest and belief. The Coup is that symbol, and we’re starting in the Streets.

- Coup Street