The mission of Courthouse Center Stage is to produce and distribute exceptional professional theater, year round, linked to gallery exhibits, music events and educational opportunities in the arts, for the greater Rhode Island community. It is committed to providing accessible, affordable programming for adults and kids while preserving the historic Washington County Courthouse as its home.
In this challenging time when many arts organizations are questioning their ability to continue, we’ll focus on providing services not offered by other nearby facilities, and work to achieve distinction in our chosen focus. “Excellence” and “Education” are the words of the day, fiscal stability and increased community participation the goal.
We create and distribute live, professional theater and associated educational opportunities for kids and adults; that’s the area that’s brought us the most attention, attendance and revenue, and we need to grow that audience while we continue to present a variety of visual arts in our galleries and other special arts events throughout the year.
Historically known as Courthouse Center for the Arts, our new name, COURTHOUSE CENTERSTAGE is both a nod to the history of our organization (“Courthouse Center”) and a more clearly-defined focus: we are South County’s professional theater and arts center. We’ll have a separate school for the performing arts, and hope to attract a diversity of students.
The current trustees and staff have a deep appreciation for the community that founded and has supported our organization through its first twenty-four years; it’s an enormous achievement that a small arts center has survived for nearly a quarter century. Thank you all, and see you at Courthouse CenterStage