Basketball is played and followed almost everywhere around the world. From fashion to
language, no other game has had as broad an impact on our cultural and social fabric as b-ball. Today, we even have a President that regularly struts his swag in a round of hoops with his friends.

Why such a prominent game should be overshadowed by another game’s
sport headwear goes against the very ideals that define its place in the realm of sports. As the term “basketball IQ” is used to describe a player’s understanding of the game, it is time to apply it to how we promote and express our love for the Game – lifestyle hoop wear designed to define basketball!

Courtz Headwear Inc. presents to the market a unique collection of basketball-
specific designed headwear; with a diverse offering of beanies and patented cap
designs featuring proprietary 4-panel and 8-panel construction, alongside an applied
material that is unmistakably basketball.

Finally, basketball can claim its own right to distinct headwear.