CP Lab Safety (formerly California Pacific Lab Safety) distributes laboratory supplies, Eagle and Justrite safety storage cabinets, safety cans, Nalgene plastic bottles, carboys, and jerricans; safety coated glass bottles, borosilicate glass vials, gloves, and safety eyewear.

We manufacture several environmentally conscientious safety products as well, including the patented "green" ECO Funnel™ and the Bench Top Solid Waste Container which virtually eliminate toxic fumes from volatile solvent waste and solve the open waste container problem in the lab. These products help laboratories comply with OSHA and EPA standards concerning exposure and reduction of hazardous chemicals to personnel, clean air standards, spill containment, and fire prevention. ECO Funnels™ fit most common laboratory containers, such as glass reagent bottles, plastic boston rounds, carboys, and drums. We also manufacture secondary containers for spill prevention.

Our company provides lab supplies to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, educational and government laboratories and to the public.