CPL Training Group is the leading provider of education and software services to the UK’s licensed retail and hospitality sectors. Established by Daniel Davies and Paul Chase in 1991, CPL Training Group began life as a training provider for new licensees. Today, the company operates on an international scale and is comprised of two main divisions – CPL Training and CPL Online.
CPL Training is the leading provider of licensed hospitality face-to-face courses, covering a wide range of subjects in licensing, compliance, security and soft skills training. With 34 percent market share, CPL Training is the largest provider of the Award for Personal Licence Holders qualification in England and Wales – scheduling 1,000 courses annually. Over 30,000 learners, predominately working in licensed hospitality, undertake face-to-face courses each year with CPL. The company has a growing licensing department, which currently processes 3,000 personal licence applications yearly, and is also growing its premises licence application service.
As a broad-based software technologies company, CPL Online offers a vast range of products and services – from e-Learning courses, learning management systems and career pathways, to data analytics, software design and mobile app development. Having delivered over 4.5 million e-Learning user sessions, CPL Online is the leading provider of online training to the licensed hospitality sector. In 2012, CPL Online deployed the big data HPCC Systems® platform – a high-performance analytics system. The platform analyses vast amounts of structured and unstructured data to uncover ground-breaking insights, trends and patterns from all areas of clients’ businesses.
Daniel Davies is the Chief Executive of CPL Training Group. Davies remains a hands-on team member, where he plays a fundamental role in developing and maintaining relationships with corporate clients and key partners.