What makes a good physical preparation coach? A passion for helping people train, not only their bodies, but also their minds. A deep desire to help people break out of perceived limitations and achieve their goals, to help move them along the path from “I can’t” to “I DID!”  A good coach does not try to motivate, but inspire one to find the drive within himself to do what he didn’t think was possible.

My journey into physical preparation coaching began after achieving for what many years I didn’t think was possible -getting healthy and fit again. You see I was thin in high school, too thin actually. I played sports through school and then my tour with the Army made sure my weight didn’t get too out of hand, even though I struggled even then to maintain standards.

After I left the service, my troubles really begin. Over a number of years I ballooned to 260+ pounds, was having challenges with my blood sugar, out of energy all the time; all the classic symptoms of being vastly overweight and unhealthy. When Nancy and I started having kids again, the realization hit me that if something didn’t change, they wouldn’t have dad around for very long. The result of this realization is a stronger, healthier, leaner and fitter me - 175 pounds and feeling great!

I now have the privilege of sharing my passion with others, from athletes striving for better on field performance to frustrated dieters who just want to get off the diet roller coaster. But my most important client, and the one who deserves to achieve all their goals, is you!