The journey began when I was a wee lad of 14 in 1994, and I had enough gusto and entrepreneurial spirit to start my computer hardware selling business, by purchasing stock from OBM Retailers, a computer hardware company, and selling it to my clients.

By 1997, I had graduated from Waratah Technology High School, whose education and guidance served me well in the years to come. During this youth of mine, for two years between 1996 and 1998, I worked in a grocery store, my unique skillset allowing me to take up roles from all positions all around the store.

I attended TAFE NSW at the Tighes Hill campus from February to July of 1998 working toward a Certificate III in Software Development. Unfortunately, my tumultuous life had given me an ankle fracture, and my surgery caused me to float away from my studies like driftwood in the tides.

That was no of no permanent setback though, for in September of 1998 I started working for a nearby PC support centre called QFlow Australia Pty Ltd in Newcastle. I was a hardware technician, and my responsibilities included building custom PCs for customers, courier duties, setting up networks and windows software.

After that, in August of 1999, I was head-hunted by a gang of tribal folk from QPoint Australia Pty Ltd, but instead of my head as a trophy, they set me up with gainful employment, to be their IT manager, unlike most tribals, they ran an internet startup with fantastic ambitions in a platform I could believe in. In a stroke of both bad and good luck, I couldn’t stay, some issues prevented me.

My good luck came in when I took up the mantle of systems administrator for Ace Internet Services Pty Ltd in Bowral, the Southern Highlands, NSW. My venture there lasted for six months before I packed my bags and returned to Newcastle.

Upon my return in early 2001, I worked for a local manufacturer called Steel River Manufacturing, based out of Redhead NSW. There I laboured for about a year before I once again left, in 2002, to become the once again the king I had been in the past at Ace Internet Services Pty Ltd in Bowral, a king draped in robes that read “Systems Administrator,” until August 2006.

My talent was recognised by Jumba Interactive Group in Melbourne, Australia, and I was drafted on as a Director and Shareholder until the business was sold to AussieHQ in Canberra, ACT in May 2007.

In August of 2007, I gained invaluable experience and understanding of the domain name industry when I took up the responsibility as Systems Admin/CTO of Domain Name Registrar Instra Corporation.

With the knowledge I gained from my escapades, it allowed me and some mates to start Cove Business Technology, the seeds of which would grow into VentralP Australia Pty Ltd, Zuver and Synergy Wholesale.

These companies focused on web hosting and domain names. When I was through with them, they were raking in eight figures.

My many years has yielded many a different result; there are a great many failures under my belt, one, in fact, pushed me to bankruptcy. The setback was annoying but ultimately was the inspiration I needed to carry on. At the very least, I can say I know exactly what doesn’t work.