CRAMS meets the MHSAW regulations 1999 and the HSAWA 1974 and I wondered if you would be willing to have a chat, without any obligation, to learn more about your organisation and to see if CRAMS can enhance an already impressive Health and Safety Culture.
I know you are probably keen to involve your employees in all Health and Safety aspects of their jobs and CRAMS allows you to manage this simply by giving you the tools.

•CRAMS inspires users to perform their roles efficiently, encouraging the right behaviors.  This is ensured by providing appropriate information and instruction through detailed risk assessment and method statements in over 50 different languages.
•CRAMS allows employees to take responsibility for their own H&S and the content acknowledgement feature provides opportunities for users to feedback issues and concerns to their line managers.
•CRAMS works collaboratively, by setting up accounts for your Health and Safety Competent Persons and your Administrators, it helps your people set expectation by building task risk assessments and method statements, guiding them where they need a little help, letting them get on with it quickly and easily when they don’t, and gives the remainder of your workers access to all the documents that are created. It even allows you to embed videos to improve standardisation of tasks across multiple sites and locations and this is all included as standard.
Although there isn’t a solution yet, which can identify your unique risks and provide appropriate control measures for you, CRAMS does include some helpful default content, making it easy for you to adapt and apply to new tasks with similar risks.
•CRAMS supports the continuous development of your people, all your staff get automatically enrolled on any of the 53 online courses (as part of the all-inclusive cost) which you identify as being relevant to the tasks they are involved in.
•CRAMS email notification features keeps everyone communicating, collaborating and consulting on all H&S matters throughout the business.
•CRAMS maintains a library of Safety Data Sheets for you, importing relevant data into your documents but allowing access to the originals when necessary. We’ll even send you emails when any of them get updated – and identify all the documents which include that chemical within its task.
•CRAMS isn’t expensive.Some solution providers charge you extra for this and that, such as a module for hazard reporting, a dashboard for your management stats, however we offer a fully inclusive solution.
•CRAMS is easy to use, anywhere, any time and on a standard web browser.
•CRAMS dashboard allows you to oversee what’s going on and enables you to benchmark and share your safety stories to ensure that safety is at the forefront of everyone’s minds.