Early one cold and dark October morning in 1999, a good Samaritan brought to Dr. Jennifer Petrovich a tiny, 8-week-old, two-pound kitten. The poor little guy had been hit by a car, mangled, and left on the side of a busy road to fend for himself. She named him Crash. This little fella was in shock and unable to move except to lift his head and purr, which he did the entire ride out to Clyde Park Veterinary Clinic (hence his middle name: Purr-do).

Initially, Crash's future looked pretty bleak. He had suffered fractures in three of his legs, a shattered foot and a broken tail. Because of his own strength and determination, and the devotion of a dedicated group of people, he pulled through his crisis. Not only did he make it through many surgeries to mend his bones and amputate his tail, he was up and running on all fours (miraculously) within just a few short weeks.

Crash lived at Crash's Landing for more than 10 years, charming volunteers and visitors alike with his outgoing, friendly personality, his love of treats, and his schnoogy kisses. He was the perfect ambassador, mascot, and greeter for Crash's Landing. Sadly, Crash passed away on April 11th, 2013, after struggling with many illnesses.

Saving our little corner of the world one cat at a time, all started because of this sweet, little black cat. His legacy will live on in the hearts of every volunteer and in every cat that passes through our shelter doors.