Expert in Online Training Launch New Website Offering How To Create A Website Video Tutorial

Internet business professional, Geena Antunovic, is proud to announce the launch of a new online learning portal for web design, http://www.how-to-create-a-website.biz. Focused on creating a solution for people, who need actionable, up to date knowledge, quickly and easily, at any time and in one place. htcaw.biz was created and officially launched in mid-September 2011. The site was developed by Geena Antunovic, htcaw.biz.

Geena is a results-oriented teacher. She is known throughout the world for her original products and strong attention to detail. She pride herself in developing products that blend design and function to make site ceation easier. Geena has been teaching others to utilize free programs to create their first websites since creating how-to-create-a-website.biz in 2011. “Few years ago,  if we wanted to put our businesses on the map, we had yellow pages, but that is not the case and not enough any  more.  If you are planning to do anything serious online or offline, you will have to have a website. It doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy, just information’s that you know your costumers are interested in. ” says Geena Antunovic. Geena Continues, " The time invested will benefit both, you and your costumers beyond your designing skills and will broaden your chances to attain new clients and increase your revenue. "

Do it your self web design has grown in popularity over the past several years, and how-to-create-a-website.biz has been instrumental in helping people learn to use free programs and photoscape Elements to create their first web pages. The free monthly e book and video, will provide an opportunity for others to experience the satisfaction of completing their first professionally looking website.

The pricing model put in place for how-to-create-a-website.biz is unlike any other that currently exists for online training videos. Most online learning centers require that you
pay a monthly subscription in order to actively utilize information. In contrast, the how-to-craete-a-website.biz's learning library is a combination of easily accessible both free and paid content and includes specific “how-to” videos.

Anyone interested in " how to create your first website " may download,
for free, e book at how-to-create-a-website.biz

For how to create a website video tutorial, free digital printable e books,
and free monthly video, visit how-to-create-a-website.biz.

About how-to-create-a-website.biz:
how-to-create-a-website.biz is the leading website offering video course  for digital crafters. Founded in 2011 by self employed  instructor and author Geena Antunovic, how-to-create-a-website.biz provides professionally designed, video-course in Web Design for customers interested in learning about site creation and skill development. The site's mission is to provide instruction, inspiration, and products to help people grow their skills and enhance their relationships with their costumers. The Web site’s offerings include how to create a website video tutorial, free monthly e books and videos, photo editing, and more.