Creative Alignments acts as an outsourced, in-house recruiting team that offers flexible recruiting services to accommodate a company's talent needs as they grow.

Our time-based model ties recruitment compensation to effort, unlike traditional recruiting models. With CA, clients pay for the time toward whatever part of the talent acquisition process needs attention, such as recruiting a key hire or expanding rapidly, reinforce their hiring processes through interview preparation, candidate pipeline-building, and even employment branding consulting. Our model aligns with clients as an extension of their brand and company.

Furthermore, CA can operate on-site as a seamless part of a company’s HR team, utilizing company email and tools, or work from our offices employing our own extensive tools on a company’s behalf. Unlike traditional recruiting agencies that may push candidates before clients in order to generate a financial windfall, CA’s motivations and the client’s motivations are one and the same.

Because of CA’s remarkable success across the Front Range among various industries such as technology, natural products, manufacturing and professional services, we are expanding operations this year into the communities of Portland and Austin.