Without naming names, there are two types of competitors.  
First type is the traditional web design or marketing shop in the local area.  This can range from a multi-employee business to a one-person operation.  We differ because price is much lower and we can provide subscription for budgeting over time.  Also, we will update the site's content for the customer. Our features concerning security, hosting, domains, customer portal access, etc. are extensive and not typically offered, ever.  We can have a responsive website ready in less than a week, while others can take weeks or months for same results.
Second type of competitor is the subscription based website services in existence.  We offer a lower price with more robust feature set including ability to cancel anytime with no upfront costs.  We do complimentary design refresh every 12 or 24 months depending on subscription.  Even a free domain for our higher priced plan.  As mentioned, we provide ability for us to manage content updates.  Free SSL certificates.  Really, the list is long.
It is difficult to copy and sustain our business model.  I think a goDaddy, google or wix can try to copy our features and price but with their overhead and shareholders, their price will waiver, while ours will stay consistency low.  We are prepared to keep prices low, expect no long-term contract and provide a superior customer user experience.  Processes and efficiency you can gain from a lean, agile mind-set will also make a difference.