Only UNESCO Creative City of Music in the United States. Music education, historic preservation of cultural sites and sounds globally. Consulting services for urban, sdg's and international entertainment and travel. Cities across the world recognize that culture and creativity are an indispensable component of sustainable
development. Kansas City has the unique opportunity to demonstrate to the world how we will use our musical heritage of jazz and Kansas City swing to address some of our most pressing social and environmental challenges as the ONLY Creative City of Music in the United States under UNESCO. UNESCO’s focus on sustainability encourages existing efforts internationally to plan for climate change adaptation and resilience, to reduce poverty and inequality through equity planning, and to place creativity and culture at the heart of our city’s plans and policies for neighborhoods and now, GLOBAL concerns the Corona Virus has bought to so many economic industries. Our global cultural strategies are applied to bring economic diversity for urban communities globally by employing Creative Industries in: Preservation, Tourism, Education and Entertainment strategies. Consultants in urban planning, tourism development, cultural awareness and global connections are our specialty.