Home Staging means Home Preparation — whether you want to enjoy your home’s full potential through redesign or maximize its potential on the market, we can help you achieve that goal.   Our pledge is to provide you with affordable, prompt, professional services and tools to ensure that you receive the top value from your home. Creative Eye Home Staging offers the following services:

Pre-List Written Consultation:  A highly detailed report of suggestions specific to your home/or listing.  Complete enough that a motivated seller can Stage the home themselves.  Offered to both Realtors & Home Owners.

Hands On Staging Services:  A complimentary bid is available that will outline the costs for Creative Eye to Stage your home and show off it's maximum potential to prospective buyers.  Offered to both Realtors & Home Owners, whether the listings are occupied or vacant.

"Fast Track" Staging:  When a listing is just lacking "that little something", this is an economical option that pays big dividends.  The professional Stager works directly with the home owner or Realtor to make on-the-spot changes.  

Staging To Live:  Creative Eye offers help in making the home you live in all it can be.  These services can be as simple as a consultation or as involved as personal shopping.  Designed to meet your personal needs.  Available to Home Owners.

Conceptual Staging:  This is the newest addition to our menu of services!  Also known as "virtual staging", conceptual staging starts with a photograph.  The picture is enhanced so that you can view changes before you make any investment!  Conceptual Staging offers an affordable solution for staging a Vacant Property when Traditional Staging is outside the seller's budget.  It is an invaluable tool when making color selections, particularly to the outside of the home. It allows you to see how your space would look with the updates you are considering.

"At Creative Eye, we love what we do, so you get our very best! That means your home will be its best—whether it is for your own personal enjoyment or to ensure that you get TOP DOLLAR when you place the property on today’s competitive Real Estate market."